Facebook Timeline Video With Timeline Movie Maker

Facebook Timeline Video With Timeline Movie Maker

Facebook introduced its new Timeline feature few months ago which I think most of us didn't like because of its different look. After opting the new look several Facebook users wanted to revert back to the previous look but unfortunately there is no going back to the old look permanently. Though it seems that Timeline profile is becoming popular day by day because of the new apps based on Facebook timeline. So as to overcome this dislike of new timeline feature Facebook has now launched a new app named Timeline Movie Maker which makes a little movie by taking the data of your timeline profile. Users are interested in using this new app based on Facebook Timeline.

Timeline Movie Maker is a collaborative project of  Facebook and Definition 6 which makes a little movie of around 55 seconds out of your timeline profile covering all the important and precious moments with an option of customizable background music. Basically it is designed to lure the users so that they start liking the new Timline view.
The app is very easy-to-use just a click on the Make Your Movie button as shown in the picture above and then giving it the permission to access your profile and that's it. Within a few seconds your Facebook Timeline Video is ready.

Here in an example of the type of movie it will make for you :

Now go there and make your own movie and let us know about the experience and Does it make you like timeline more ? Let us know in comments.

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