How to make a Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive

How to make a Bootable Windows USB/Flash Drive with Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool

If you are a Windows enthusiast, developer or a geek who wish to install Windows 7 or Windows 8 or any other window from a USB drive then you can create a bootable USB drive. While it is possible to create a bootable USB drive via Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool available on Microsoft Store Online for free which is very easy as compared to other tools out there and none of them is that easy. Check out this tool with a simple interface that does the job well.

Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, a free tool that lets you create bootable USB flash drive in a few minutes and clicks.
All you have to do is after installing it is do as follow:

Step 1. Choose the Windows ISO file. 
            Locate the Windows ISO file and click Next

Step 2. Choose media type
            Here select the media type as USB device

Step 3. Insert USB device
    Here select your USB flash drive and click on Begin copying

Step 4. After Clicking Begin copying 
it will ask for formatting it if it has not been formatted before, so just click on Erase USB Device and it will format it and then will start copying the Windows installation files in it. So Just wait till it get finished and then you have a Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive ready to install Windows.

NOTE  Make sure that the USB drive capacity is larger than the ISO file.

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