The New iPhone 5 / 4G LTE and Macs with Retina Display

The New iPhone 5 / 4G LTE and Macs with Retina Display

We are so much waiting for the new iPhone and some news about upcoming WWDC 2012 event by Apple. There are many rumors out there, which could possibly become the reality as happened with The New iPad. The leaked reports were so much close this time with the iPad 3rd Generation release. So its really worth to read about the rumors from various valid sources, that can give us some clue of what will be the upcoming products of Apple and their specifications as well.

The upcoming products of Apple as by rumors are as follows:
  1. Apple may schedule the next WWDC event this 11th, June 2012
  2. iPhone 5 / 4G LTE with 3.5 Inch Display is expected to be released this October 2012.
  3. Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iMac likely to get Retina Display for more sharper images and that uses more GPU Power and RAM.

Apple WWDC June 2012 Event

This will get more attention as many thinks that Apple will be releasing their next iPhone which may be iPhone 5 or iPhone 4G LTE or The New iPhone or iPhone 5th Generation. Only God and Tim Cook knows what it is going to be named. As we can see that recent iPad 3 release happened few days ago, gave a huge question over the name of it across the web, and people started to search across Google and the Apple Live Event logs for the name of the iPad once the release of the new iPad got over.

Because its totally new, unexpected and a big surprise to the Apple fans across the globe. Apple has changed their way of naming the iPad to Generation than by giving some numbers after iPad. So what we can expect this 11th, June 2012 WWDC event, and the release of Mountain Lion OS X Final or Stable version and some demonstration of iOS 6. This has been in development for some time and we can guess easily that the upcoming event can be all about Mac OS X.

via dailytut

Lets hope for the best and welcome the new products and macs.

Thanks for reading and let us know about this upcoming possible developments in Apple iPhone and Macs in the comments.

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